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Simple Daily Gratitude Journal- 4 months to change your life

Simple Daily Gratitude Journal- 4 months to change your life

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2 years ago I committed to making a small simple change.

I got a notebook with 10 blank spaces on each page at a conference and was told to write down 10 things I was grateful for every day. That seemed easy enough, so I promised myself if nothing else, I would do that every day, and I have.

I noticed right away what a difference it made by starting the morning with gratitude. At first it was silly things - socks, my cup of tea, a warm bed, etc. But the more I did it the more my list grew and deepened.

I felt a shift happening as I stuck to this practice, and will never stop putting pen to paper to express gratitude for the things in my life. I have even AMPED it up to manifest things into my life using gratitude.

In my Simple Daily Gratitude Journal you will find a Getting Started Plan for your first 30 days and then instructions on how to AMP up your gratitude to start bringing the good that you desire into your life. I have also included my own affirmations, as well as my favorite feel-good quotes, on the bottom of each page to give you something extra to ponder each day.

I hope you take this journal and use it daily. If you do, at the end of 4 months you might just be amazed at what you’ve shifted in your mindset and in your life. Then keep it going as a daily practice.

Share it with your kids, your spouse, your mom, your friend. Everyone could use a little bit more gratitude in their lives. Especially right now - let’s take the time to focus on the good.

xo, Kels

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